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Over 200 in box reviews and 40+ build logs

Welcome to my world of building plastic model airplanes !

 I started this site for a couple reasons. The first was to be an inspiration for me to get some of these kits built and the second was to provide some focus. Getting back into the building part of the hobby after a 30 year hiatus I found that after all these years I had collected way too many kits to build in my life time. Creating this site helped me decide which planes I most wanted to build. While the list started out rather modest it has grown almost uncontrollably and has ballooned to over 100 kits. This is better than the 300 plus I started out with is still ambitious based on the rate that I finish models but I intend to stick with what is here and probably add a few more just to make the information about the kits available for other modelers. Whether I'll get to build them all is anyone's guess.

It won't take you long to realize that my primary focus is on World War II German aircraft. While I like almost all types, for some reason I find German aircraft more interesting than others due to the wide variety of types and unusual configurations as well as an endless variety of paint schemes and markings. 

While I did not originally intend on this being a review site, I have over time added in box reviews to most of the aircraft listed here and I hope by posting them it will increase the availability of information to help you decide whether a given kit is what you want. Kits that have in box reviews will have a red asterisk * following the description under its profile. If there are photos of completed  models there will also be an ! In a few rare cases where a kit has been thoroughly covered by reviews and that nothing I could add would be constructive I will do an abbreviated page with just a few comments and links to good reviews. A % will be used to indicate that on the series page. Note that I provide links at the end of most reviews to other reviews or builds to let you see what other folks thought of the kits or how they looked when completed. This is something most sites do not do. Old Dog does not accept free kits or advertising from manufacturers, distributors or dealers. All kits reviewed have been paid for out of my pocket and as a result I feel my reviews are unbiased.

If you have been a regular visitor to the site you may noticed a sharp decline in the number of new reviews. In the past few years the number of sites providing reviews has expanded exponentially and many of these have much better photography skills than I have and there are even video reviews by the score on You Tube. Rather than repeating a lot of that information I will only review new kits that I either don't think have been well represented elsewhere or just happen to strike my fancy.

One thing I normally don't do in my reviews is spend a lot of time measuring the kit parts to make certain it adheres to the prototypes dimensions. I'm not such a nit picker that I'm going to sweat minor discrepancys in dimensions or missing or incorrect panels or other aircraft details. There are plenty accuracy zealots to go around and I refuse to let them spoil my fun. If the discrepancys are well know and correction sets are available for major boo boos, I will most likely purchase them and if I do they will be reviewed along with the kit.

 The kits are grouped into categories and can be accessed by clicking the links in the column to the left.

How I got to this point and how I made my choices on what to model is contained in the "About Me" section. I hope that by sharing the information here that you may be inspired to build one of these kits or that the information provided here will help you with your choice of models or projects.

While you are here be sure to check out the Links page to find the best sites on the web for reviews, tips, forums and best places to buy the models themselves and all the goodies that go with them! Enjoy and thanks for viewing !

 As it is with most of my kits, this site will always be under construction !

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