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Cybermodeler Online


Aircraft Resource Center

Large Scale Planes


Sovietwarplanes (forum)

Sovietwarplanes pages (Color and detail information)

All of the above are free once you register. The Fine Scale Modeler site linked below requires you to be a magazine subscriber to have full access to all content on the site.

Fine Scale Modeler


Internet Modeler


The links listed below are dealers that I have done business with in the past and have found to provide good service and I have not had any problems in dealings with them. In some cases I have only dealt with them once or twice and in others such as Squadron, I have done business with for over 25 years.

Sprue Bros. Models

Cape Hobby and Gift

Mega Hobby

Internet Hobbies

Lone Star Models


Hobby Link Japan

Information Sites

A Guide to Building Model Aircraft
(some basic information for beginners and some additional links)


Luft 46

AC-119 Gunship

Walter's Guide to Building Vacuform Models

Junkers Ju388

Aircraft Walkaround Center

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