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Vehicles are not my main focus but I do like building them now and then as a change of pace. When I first got back into the hobby I would build a vehicle that would compliment the aircraft kit I was building and it gave me something to do while waiting for paint or glue to dry. This only lasted a short while as it wasn't long before I was building multiple aircraft at one time. That said I do build one now and again as the mood strikes. I recently built five as sort of a mini group build for a charity benefit on Modelers Alliance. I will not be doing either kit reviews or build logs for these and show only completed images of them. All the vehicles I do are in 1/48 scale. In some cases the only photo I have are with the aircraft I built them with. As for others this will cover anything and everything else I might build that don't fit a specific category and may be in any scale.

First up is the GAZ-67 that I built along with the YaK-3, It is a Tamiya kit.

Next is this Horst command car. It's a resin kit from Gasoline and it was built as a stand alone vehicle.


This is a Krupp Boxer that I built along with a Hs 129B, another Tamiya kit.

A Japanese Kurogane that I built along with a N1k1 Rex , another Tamiya kit.

The next group of five vehicles are all based on the Tamiya Steyr kit. The first one is a stock kit with Blackdog stowage and wheels with chains.

The remaining four kits were modified using four different resin sets from CMK.
The second vehicle has a wood cab and body and was used as a radio truck. To added some interest I added a Luftwaffe starter cart as generator set for the radios.

The third vehicle is a wood cab low bed truck that I added some resin drums and a couple of 250 Kg bomb crates for a load.

Vehicle four is an ambulance which has a more streamlined wood cab.

And vehicle five is a high side bed truck with a similar streamlined cab. It got a couple of resin 500 Kg bomb crates and a couple of rolled up tarps for a load.

A fun little project that satisfied my urge to build vehicles for a while.

Next up is the Tamiya SS-100 in 1/48 scale. The truck which was adapted from an agricultural vehicle, was widely used much as a semi tractor pulling cargo trailers but was also used for a number of different purposes including vehicle recovery, aircraft towing and pulling the launch, transport, and support trailers for the V2 missile. It's a fun kit which is well detailed for the scale and fits right in with the aircraft in my display cabinet.

Definitely in the other category this U-Boat Type XXVIIB Seehund (early) is in 1/72 scale from ICM. I hadn't built a submarine since grade school and this was a change of pace from my usual builds.

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Updated 7/1/19