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It is here that I will post either reviews and builds or completed kits in scales not covered in the main part of the forum.

Most of the kits shown here are of aircraft that if done in the larger scales would be difficult to display due to their overall size.

1/200 Scale.

This scale has been popular for years for airline models due to their large size. Towards the end of the 2000s Dragon Models under the Cyber Hobby name started releasing some post WWII military planes in this scale. Despite their small size these kits are relatively well detailed and provided modelers with the ability to build and display some interesting aircraft they might not otherwise have room for. These include the B-35 and B-49 flying wings, Avro Vulcan, Russian Tu-95 Bear and the B-70. I did not do either a kit review or a build log for these just a few photographs of the completed models and interiors if there are any. Thanks for looking !


This was the first kit I built and overall was quite pleased with it. It did provide some challenges in assembly and painting, more often than not because of their small size.
The interior on this kit was pretty simplistic and crude and hardly worth a photo.

This kit provided a fairly detailed interior for the scale.

A photo for a size comparison.

Tu-95MS "Bear-H"
This kit had no interior at all but due to the size of the cockpit windows it wouldn't be seen anyway. The painting chart supplied with the kit left a lot to be desired, fortunately Wikipedia had a nice high definition photo of one with very similar markings so I used that as a painting guide.

This kit was not as nice as the B-70 or B-35 with a lot more flash and hard to clean up sprue attachment points and poor fitting parts.

And for a size comparison here it is next to a KC-135

1/144 Scale
1/144 scale is another scale that is quite popular for aircraft too large to be done in larger scales or for those with limited display space. I do not have a lot of kits in this scale but have accumulated a few over the years and in some cases if I feel motivated will do a review or a build log. With a link to the review and photos of the completed model here.


Me 323D-4

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Updated  4/12/20