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In the early part of 2011 I decided to start collecting and building more 1/32 scale kits. The reasons were two fold. The foremost being that due to aging I was having difficulty dealing with the small detail parts of 1/48 scale and secondly I was unhappy with the level of detail that I could obtain on the smaller single engine 1/48 scale kits, such as the Bf 109, He 162, Me 163 and other single seat fighters. The recent explosion of kits available in 1/32 led me to substitute a number of the planes that I had originally intended to build in 1/48 with 1/32 scale kits. Once I got started obtaining kits the list grew a bit too long for a single page so I have now divided them up into Axis and Allied categories with sub categories for each nationality. My list filled up quicker than my ability to review these kits so most of them only have a photo of the kit I intend to build. Complete reviews will be added as time allows. If a review is available a * will follow the aircraft title. A completed kit will display a ! after the aircraft title. To see what is currently in the queue to build, click on the symbol below for the kits you wish to see.

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Updated  4/29/13