No Longer in Queue

The kits listed here are ones that were originally on my list to build but for one reason or another have fallen off the list. Most of the time this is a result of a newer kit being released that is much better than the one I had planned to build so it made sense to build the newer kit. On occasion I may decide that a particular kit is just no longer appealing enough to build and in that case it will also end up here. In any case since I have taken the time to review it rather than just delete the review, I will move it here for reference purposes. Since these can come from any of the various categories they will be listed here in the order in which they were replaced. Click on the profile to read the review.

1/72 Mach 2 North American B-45 *

1/48 ProModeler Messerschmitt Bf 110G

1/48 Hasegawa J7W1 Shinden *

1/48 Foundrie Miniatures Maryland *

1/48 Foundrie Miniatures PV-1 *

1/48 Dragon He 162A-2 *

1/48 Dragon Me 163B *

1/48 MPM Fw 189A-2 *

1/72 Airfix Sunderland III *

1/72 Revell (FROG) and Matchbox He 115 *

1/72 Mach 2 Do 26D *

1/48 Historic Plastic Models Bv 141B *

1/48 Xuntong Tu-2T *

1/48 Historic Plastic Models Pe-2  

1/48 MPM Pe-3bis *

1/48 Dragon Fw 190D-9 *

1/48 Classic Airframes J2F-5,6 *

1/48 Classic Airframes Do-17Z *

1/48 Eduard I-16 Type 10 *

1/72 Antaries Ju 488 *

1/32 HPH Me 410-A *

1/32 Revell Ar 196-A3 *

1/48 Monogram A-37 *

1/48 Hasegawa Hs 129B-3 *

Henshel Hs 126A-1 *

Messerschmitt Me 262A-1a Night Fighter *

Messerschmitt Me 262B-1a/U1 *

Douglas B-18 *

Beech C-45F *
Gloster Meteor F4 *

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Updated 3/18/19