Updated 5/12/08 

Oldies But Goodies

This page is still under construction as I have yet to decide what will end up here !

This collection contains the remenants of my collection from 30 years ago. They were packed away in haste and stored in places that had rather harsh environments. As a result most of them suffered at least some minor damage. As is usual with aircraft models, propellor blades, antenna and protruding guns tend to be the first items to go. Some pieces were found and I was able to repair them, others will probably require scratch building if I decide they are worth fixing. Decals suffered on most of these as did the surface coatings. Testors Dullcoat was the flat coating choice back in those days and even though they have been boxed up and away from light the surfaces are noticeably yellowed, especially white areas of decals. You can tell that planes with four engines were favorites back then and that even then I had tendancy towards esoteric types. I hope you enjoy these oldies, keep in mind these were build in the days before Future, recessed panel lines, widely available detailing parts and many other things that we take for granted today !


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