I've always liked the wild and wacky designs that the Brits flew during WWII and as of late have started accumulating some of them, so many in fact that the miscellaneous page was getting over crowded so I figured it was time for a page of their own. I also added a French aircraft at the bottom as I didn't have enough of them to justify their own page.

Click on the profiles for more information on these kits.

Avro Anson
* !

Westland Lysander MkIII

Supermarine Walrus MkI *

Fairey Swordfish Mk.I 

Fairey Albacore Mk.I *

DeHavilland Hornet

Hawker Sea Fury *

Westland Whirlwind *

Bolton Paul Defiant Mk I *

Fairey Battle *

Bristol Blenheim *

Martin Maryland 
* !

Martin Baltimore !

Handley Page Hampden *

Lockheed Hudson *

Vickers Wellington * !

Avro Lancaster BII

Avro Lancaster BIII *

Handley Page Halifax 

Fairey Firefly Mk.V *

Avro CF-100 Mk V 

Potez 631

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Updated 2/25/19