The Russians Are Coming !

Much of what the Soviet Union did during the Second World War was pretty much a mystery to the Western Allies and the cold war era that followed did little to enlighten the masses. For years Russian aircraft from that era were assumed to be inferior to not only German aircraft that they fought against but any thing in the the Allies stable as well. It has only been since the fall of Communism that information has become available that sheds a new light on Soviet aviation. Unfortunately many of the model makers have chosen to ignore these planes as well and the choice of kits has been limited. But there are some available and my reading of the Black Cross / Red Star series of books peaked my interest in the planes themselves and resulting in my adding a section on these interesting types. The collection has grown to include aircraft from the immediate post war period to and including the Cold War era. This is what I have in my stash to build currently:

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LaGG-3 *


La-7 *

MiG-3 *

Yak-1 *

Yak-3 * !

Yak-9K *


Pe-2 *


Il-4 *

* !




Il-28 *

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Updated 5/13/19