I have always been facinated by aircraft outfitted for fighting under the cover of darkness. When I decided that this would be one area that wanted to model, I needed to apply some self limiting rules. The Germans in their anxiety to put to an end the onslaught of British bombers, tried using just about every plane that they thought might work. For this reason I decided to limit myself to either planes that were specifically developed as night fighters or adaptations that were very successful. My facination with these planes spills over some what into the other catagorys as the Do-17 group contains a night fighting version as does the Ju-88 series, the Bf 110 Series and the section on Jets. 

The aircraft in my stash to build are:

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Heinkel He 219A-7 

Focke-Wulf Ta 154 * !

Nakajima J1N1-Sa *

DeHaviland Mosquito MKII 

Boulton Paul Defiant MKII *

Bristol Beaufighter MKVI

Northrop P-61 

Lockheed PV-1 * !

 Douglas P-70 

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Updated 2/22/17