The Ju-88 was one of the most successful and widely used German aircraft of the second world war. It was an airframe that had a lot of stretch in it and was able to be modified to perform a wide number of tasks and upgraded to ever higher performance levels while still maintaining much of the basic structure thus easing design and manufacturing issues. In a bit of irony two of the primary designers that worked on the Ju 88, one was an American and the other a German that had worked for an American aircraft company and both brought with them their experience in stressed skinned aircraft learned in the United States. Although several of the varients presented here were moderately successful as night fighters I decided it made more sense to include them here rather than clutter up the Night Fighter page any further.

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Ju 88A-4 *

Ju 88C-6 

Ju 88H-1*

 Ju 188A-1 

Ju 188E-1 

Ju 388L 

Ju 388J 

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Updated 4/10/09