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This is the Cyber Hobby kit in 1/32 scale, my first completion in that scale. The kit is quite nice but is engineered to be posed with the engine cowling open to display the engine and cowl mounted machine guns. If you wish to do it all closed up it creates some fit issues which you can read about in my assembly blog. In spite of that it is a very nicely detailed kit and I was pleased with the final result. The first few photos show the level of detail in the cockpit and  weapons bay, unfortunately  much of the weapons bay detail needed to be severely compromised in order to get the engine and cowling to fit.

The next few images show the mostly complete model, there was some fogging inside the canopy when I unmasked it so I decided to remove and clean it before installing the antenna mast and antenna and these show it before that was done.

And the last three show it totally complete.

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Updated   5/16/15