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This is the Trumpeter Wellington Mk. III in 1/48 scale. The largest kit I had built at this time. Trumpeter tends to put in a lot of detail in their kits that won't be seen once it is assembled but I kind of like doing it anyway and as you'll see I have the photos to prove it is in there !  I did use some photo etched parts to dress up the interior a bit. A quick note for those who might be curious about the fuselage interior color. The Wellington uses a geodesic structure which is depicted in the model y the diamond shaped patterns. The aircraft was mostly fabric covered and when they applied the initial coats of dope to the outside of it to shrink the fabric its red color tended to soak through and color the inside in a splotchy red. In some areas like the cockpit this was over painted flat black but much of the interior remained the red color. I'm not sure my rendition is 100% accurate but appears close to color photos I have seen, First up are some interior photos.

Some bottom photos were taken before adding the top side details.

And the final completion photos

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Updated   5/16/15