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This is the M6A1 by Tamiya in 1/48 scale. This is without a doubt one of the best fitting kits I have ever built. First up are some photos of the interior to show the level of detail.

This kit was built as part of a museum group build on Swanny's Forum and as a result I did my best to complete the kit as the one in the Smithsonian. The next series shows the results.

After taking these photos I decided it looked just a bit too sterile to suit me so it went back to the shop. Unit markings were added and the airframe was given some light paint chipping and exhaust stains then a light wash was added to the upper surfaces and a dark wash to the bottom surfaces. Once this had set a coat of flat acrylic was applied to seal the decals and flatten any sheen left on the decals. The following photos show the end result.

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Updated   5/16/15