The beginnings of the Do-17 series of aircraft depends on whose history you chose to believe. Whatever the real history, the Do-17 series has always been one of my favorites if for no other reason than it has always gotten short shrift by historians as to its roll and importance in the war. 

The early series the E/F and M/P had an almost art deco look about them and were designed at a time when looking fast was as important as making them easy to manufacture. Early versions were not well equipped to defend themselves and suffered high losses during the Battle of Britain but by all accounts their loss rate was no worse than its contemporaries and it proved to be a rugged and dependable aircraft that managed to get its crews home in spite of being heavily damaged. 

As it stands now this is what I plan to build;

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 Do 17E 

Do 17P 

Do 17Z 

Do 215B 
* !

Do 217E-5 

Do 217N-1 

Do 217K-2 

The Hobbycraft kits are not the greatest kits but in 1/48 scale they are currently the only game in town for the 17E and 17P and the both of these kits uses the same fuselage and both suffer from what is referred to in the modeling community as the banana effect. The kits also have numerous other issues but the bend in the fuselage appeared to be the one issue that really needed to be fixed or it would not be worth building them at least for me anyway. To see how I did it, check out this link: Fixing the Banana

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Updated 1/1/16