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This is the Promodeler kit in 1/48, it was actually a Dragon Models mold that was first released Monogram under the Promodeler label and has also been released under the Dragon models label. It is a reasonably nice kit but suffers from a warped wing molding which seems to plague all of the kits. It's not that hard to fix and you can read about how I did it in the build log. I wanted to do something a little different than what was supplied in the box. 
I liked this artist impression of Wk # 320008 which depicts a late A-4 version which used FuG218 radar and used vertical mast antennas located above and below the wings and was fitted with upturned wing tips in an attempt to improve lateral stability caused by the total lack of dihedral of the wing.

I used a fair amount of after market on the including photo etch and resin parts, all of this is detailed in the build log. First up will be three photos of the cockpit.

And the finished kit.

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Updated   5/16/15