Bf 110 Series

The Bf-110 has often been labled as a failure as a result of its performance during the Battle of Britain. The only failure that occurred then was a failure of the concept that a twin engined, heavily armed, two place aircraft could successfully compete with smaller lighter single engined fighters. The Bf 110 was in fact very successful when it was tasked to do things that were within the scope of its design and did so throughout the war. At one point production was all but halted when it was assumed that its successor, the Me 210, would take over, subsequent issues with the 210 design would force the reopening of the Bf 110 assembly lines and the appearance of newer updated versions.

I initially only planned to build one of these, at the time the best 1/48 scale kit was the Promodeler kit. Although it had some accuracy issues was a relatively easy build and a nicely detailed kit. In the past five years or so a number of newer, more detailed kits have been released and although they are not without some problems themselves, do allow one to build many different versions of this popular aircraft. I currently have collected five of these kits in various versions and have decided to do a separate series just for them. Here are the aircraft currently on the list to build...

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Bf 110D-3 *

Bf 110D-3 Nightfighter *

Bf 110F-4 Nightfighter *

Bf 110G-2 *

Bf 110G-4 Nightfighter *

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Updated 3/3/17